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Listen to what our employees are saying about working at Read Better Be Better!

"A few things I've learned from being a site leader is how crucial it is to help these students reach their amazing potentials. I feel what we do it is very important to these 3rd graders. Its bigger than a school it's the community were helping and I'm so proud to be part of it. RBBB has taught me to be patient and understand each student is different, unique and learns at a different speed. It's an amazing feeling to watch them become such great readers!" - Angel Ahumada, Site Leader, Fall 2019


"I plan on becoming a high school English teacher. I have gained confidence leading a classroom through RBBB and I will take that confidence into my future career." - Caroline Yarborough, Site Leader, Fall 2019


"Becoming a site leader for Read Better Be Better was a life-changing experience for me. After having graduated from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU and having chosen a completely different career path, I longed to be in the classroom again. A good friend of mine turned me to a part-time position he believed I could use my teaching experience in and suggested for me to apply. [...] All of a sudden, I found myself working with a group of strong-minded individuals who continue to work on promoting literacy and comprehension skills (things I also felt passionate about) to struggling readers across the valley. Having been a struggling reader myself, I knew the impact a program like this could make on a community and after my first day of training I knew Read Better Be Better was my home." - Josselyn Hernandez, District Leader, 2017


"It's actually kind of hard to describe how much RBBB has impacted me. The skills I've gained simply from running a classroom like setting (even for such a short amount of time each week) have put me way ahead of the game in terms of teaching skills and classroom management. RBBB has also given me a new outlook on the education system in Arizona. It feels pretty great to know that I'm a small part of an organization that is actually changing the system and the kids that are trying to learn in it." - Rebecca Sherod, Site Leader, 2016


"I would recommend others to work with RBBB because it is so rewarding to work with children and see the week to week improvement and the curriculum is so well developed that it requires no additional lesson planning." - Jill Rosztoczy, Site Leader, 2016



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